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2022年03月30日 12:03

律政雄心 The Young & Ambitious Asian Female Lawyer in "Supreme Ambitions" and "The Partner Track"

As I write this book review, I am about to transition between jobs: from a federal judicial law clerk on the West Coast to a BigLaw associate attorney in Manhattan. At age 25, I graduated from Harvard Law School last May and passed the July New York Bar Exam. My attorney swearing-in ceremony is scheduled for the day before my upcoming birthday in my namesake month.

As a young Asian woman embarkin...

2021年01月18日 16:36

梦游杀手与精神变态者:刑法分析 Applying the Model Penal Code Insanity Defense to Sleepwalking Killers and Psychopaths: Interfacing Neuroscience and Criminal Law

2021年01月18日 16:30

新冠时期的隐私权 But What if Big Brother's Surveillance Saves Lives—Comparative Digital Privacy in the Time of Coronavirus

我的這篇文章於2020年末刊登於Creighton Law Review;歡迎閣下閱讀!


2020年12月16日 10:42

版权属于霉霉 They Belong with Taylor Swift™: Applying Trademark Law and Textual Analysis to the Branding of Love Song Lyrics


2020年12月16日 10:36

法官间的竞争 When Judges Compete on a Lawless Terrain: Possible Futures for Clerkship Hiring

我的原文於2020年夏天刊登在《哈佛法律政策期刊》: https://harvardlpr.com/2020/07/28/when-judges-compete-on-a-lawless-terrain-possible-futures-for-clerkship-hiring/

“I will always be your judge, and you will always be my clerk.”

—Justice Christina Wong Stinson to Audrey Coyne in David Lat’s novel Supreme Ambitions

Over the years, there have been many efforts to reform the American clerksh...

2020年05月12日 00:47

Birthday in the Time of COVID-19

My close friends call 15 April “the event of the year” — in the United States, it’s Tax Day (I have a tax law nerd buddy), and it’s also my birthday. Since college sophomore year, I had used this day as an excuse to gather my best friends together and have a splendid day together. 


Last year this time, a friend even flew over from Tokyo to join the crew, and we spent a dramatic aftern...

2019年10月29日 05:49

Aspiring Novelist vs. Lawyer, or Both?

Words: Free Flowing vs. Painstakingly Precise — Me: Aspiring Novelist vs. Lawyer, or Both?


Have you ever felt an urge, an itch that you really, really wish to scratch?


For me, this urge has always been writing. It traces back to my childhood, really, when I would sit in the backseat of a rental car as my parents took me to explore over 20 countries. Condensed in nature, those trips,...

2019年04月24日 01:43

哈佛法學院第一年的感悟 Learning to Love the Law

August in Cambridge, Massachusetts was blue, gold, and red. The azure sky and golden sunlight offered a familiar warmth as I settled into my new home in crimson land.


Yet, as a first-year law student, I am here for a different color. Even though what awaits me is perhaps a golden world with no short supply of exciting reds and blues, I must be comfortable, as a lawyer-in-the-making, to liv...

2019年01月30日 11:32

人工智能与完美爱情(AI and Love)

人工智能与完美爱情(AI and Love)

International pop star Wang Lee-hom’s 2017 song “AI Love” (“AI Ai” in Mandarin, where “ai” so happens to mean “love”) received, at best, mixed reviews. In this MV, Wang falls in love with a product of AI, sharing many lovely moments with her—including watching international news, singing karaoke, sleeping, taking selfies, and going out for a race car ride in the wild streets at the hear...

2019年01月21日 23:46

穿越X光:我在哈佛法学院的第一学期 Through the X-Ray—Deconstructing My First Semester at Harvard Law School (HLS)


It’s just like a movie.


There are characters you meet at the start and may never see again, and there are recurring characters whose stories you will follow. The plot may thicken, and at the heart of it all, is a conflict.


1L—the first year of a Legal Process-oriented law school like Harvard Law School (HLS)—has the notorious reputation of deconstruction, of filtering the swe...

2018年11月22日 09:11

Op Ed: Senator Elizabeth Warren's Down Payment Assistance Plan Should Be Adopted


Section 201 of U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s American Housing and Economic Mobility Act of 2018 should be adopted. By providing down payment grants to first-time homebuyers living in formerly redlined or officially segregated areas, this section of the Act will be an important and necessary step in achieving the Act’s overarching purpose. Although Section 201 alone will not entirely close...

2018年10月27日 09:45

又是一年申請季 Tips on Graduate Fellowships

Another application season is here in higher education.


Last year, as a college senior, I applied to several graduate fellowships, graduate programs in politics, one law school, and one business school. In many ways, I took a very unconventional path with that decision: most people would apply to either graduate fellowships, or law schools, or business schools.


Senior year was so busy...

2018年10月08日 11:34

讓我們談談泰勒·斯威夫特吧 On Taylor Swift: The Old and New

Taylor Swift is coming to Asia next month for her ‘Reputation’ tour.


Perhaps, the single most memorable quote from Taylor’s sixth album is the spoken telephone line ‘oh, [the old Taylor]’s dead’. Perhaps, it’s time for old and new fans alike to review who the ‘old’ and ‘new’ Taylors are and if they are in fact different people.


The ‘old’ Taylor conjures up the image of ...

2018年10月07日 23:11

我與白紙的故事 That Blank Piece of Paper, and Me

My writing life commenced before I could technically write. 


There I sat—the backseat of a rental car—pointing at the world outside the window with my then-tiny fingers and persistently questioning about anything and everything that caught my attention. By the age of six, I had had the fortune of seeing various parts of China, South Korea, Australia, and the U.S. While cultural and socia...

2018年10月01日 09:55

棒球与法律 The Lawyer and the Layman/Pseudo-Lawyer in Up for Grabs

     In the documentary Up for Grabs, the plaintiff Alex Popev was so obsessed with the case that he “played lawyer the whole time.” Although the documentary portrays these lawyerly endeavors as comedic, Popev’s role in the case prompts us to compare and contrast the layperson’s lawyering endeavors with the lawyer’s, and in turn draw some preliminary lessons about the American legal system i...

2018年09月11日 08:43

最高榮譽畢業生的學習小貼士 | Study Tips from a Summa Cum Laude Graduate

Back-to-school drama, as I like to call it, presents various temptations. Coursework is not as heavy just yet (as undergraduate institutions typically do a “syllabus week” where you can shop/add/drop courses), while some of your favorite people whom you haven’t seen all summer may be lining up for meal plans and other outing invitations. Work-life balance is important: don’t sacrifice social ...

2018年05月03日 13:30

北朝危險二人組 The North Korean Femme Fatale Duo as a Ma-Kim-avellian Strategy

Hollywood has long mesmerized eager moviegoers with femme fatales: mysterious women whose seductive charms ensnare men into dangerous—often fatal—situations.

Femme fatales are not merely fiction, however. At the centre of current events is a rogue player that singularly and stubbornly defies international norms: North Korea, a state that has used its own femme fatales to capture the world’s ...

2017年12月09日 10:51

与世界卫生组织驻华代表面对面 Interview with Dr. Bernhard Schwartländer, WHO Chef de Cabinet

Dr. Bernhard Schwartländer took up his position as WHO Representative in China in September 2013. Before joining WHO in China, he served as Director for Evidence, Policy and Innovation at the UNAIDS headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and as the United Nations Country Coordinator on AIDS in Beijing, China.

Prior to these assignments, Schwartländer held a number of senior international positio...

2017年11月30日 07:18

Observe. Write. Share.

Observe. Write. Share.


These three verbs, which together form a simplified model, capture the essence of my personal and intellectual journey thus far. 


From early childhood, I have travelled in different parts of 28 countries with wide-open eyes. Daily encounters with cultural, social, linguistic, and what turned out to be political differences on those trips always fascinate me. Ini...

2017年09月27日 08:22

剖析双语教育的难题 Giving the Un-Languaged Voice


Deslenguada: [Spanish] un-languaged. 


Imagine sitting in a classroom, trying desperately to understand your instructor but failing completely to do so.


Linguistic barriers for children, when insufficiently addressed due to inadequate education policies for language learners, are problematic in various ways. Not only do linguistic barriers hinder one’s advancement prospects by cau...