2017年12月09日 10:51

与世界卫生组织驻华代表面对面 Interview with Dr. Bernhard Schwartländer, WHO Chef de Cabinet

Dr. Bernhard Schwartländer took up his position as WHO Representative in China in September 2013. Before joining WHO in China, he served as Director for Evidence, Policy and Innovation at the UNAIDS headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and as the United Nations Country Coordinator on AIDS in Beijing, China.

2017年11月30日 07:18

Observe. Write. Share.

Observe. Write. Share.

These three verbs, which together form a simplified model, capture the essence of my personal and intellectual journey thus far. 

From early childhood, I have travelled in different parts of 28 countries with wide-open eyes. Daily encounters with cultural, social, linguistic, and what turned out to be political differences on those trips always fascinate me. Initially, the innocuous act of writing everything down served as a then-introverted girl’s medium of me......

2017年09月27日 08:22

剖析双语教育的难题 Giving the Un-Languaged Voice

Deslenguada: [Spanish] un-languaged. 

Imagine sitting in a classroom, trying desperately to understand your instructor but failing completely to do so.

Linguistic barriers for children, when insufficiently addressed due to inadequate education policies for language learners, are problematic in various ways. Not only do linguistic barriers hinder one’s advancement prospects by causing poor academic performance, they also create traumatizing psychological effec......

2017年08月03日 10:42

写给法律的情诗 Reflections on My Relationship with Law

As for the starting point…

The brightly-lit nighttime skyline of Hong Kong, viewed from the Peak itself, where I sat calmly to write down some thoughts on this matter? 

2017年04月22日 10:10

让音乐响起 Strengthening My Voice Amid Stress as a Rising Senior

This semester, without doubt, has been another busy yet fulfilling one. Next week, for instance, will consist of an average of one public speaking engagement (e.g. admissions panel, hosting a federal judge)/final presentation each day for me. Amid all the stress and excitement, it is not too self-indulgent for me to reflect on some of the positive experience that I have had. I would specifically point to my decision to make physical fitness a number one priority this semester — no matter how busy I get, I would never allow excuses not to work out. ......

2017年03月30日 06:17

创意生话 An Argument for “Studio Time”

Are you compulsive about planning? Congrats, here's another item for your list: "Studio Time"
1) A cozy café. A notepad. A pen. Plain A4 papers. Watercolor paints. Fresh cooking ingredients. A half-empty sheet music to be completed by no one other than yourself...
2) Problem sets. Research papers. Midterm exam. Presentations. Grad school applications. The MCAT. Job interviews...
As students, we constantly find ourselves caught in between the two sometimes conflicting sets of things......
2017年01月14日 20:03

品味西班牙 Strolling along Seashores: A ‘Taste’ of Spain

Take one step forward with your left foot — a small step suffices. Oh, no flip flops from this point on, please. Feel that delicate texture embracing your foot with such warmth and subtle sounds of acceptance. Another step forward with your right foot, and you experience a marvelous balance. Savour that sensation. 

2017年01月13日 12:43


Junior Year Semester One Reflections: Debussy, and a Memo for My Future Self

The gentle softness. A dialogue where the two of them find phrases slipping naturally out of their inner souls, flowing, overlapping with each other at times and pausing for a restful break at others… That sheer sense of indescribable serendipity and relaxation that render you spe......

2016年09月02日 08:14

Three Places, Three Projects: A Research-Filled Summer

A crew of businessmen and businesswomen all dressed in black and white, confidently prancing their way down the Mid-Level Escalators while their clones emerge from various corners of the street, including the ‘underground’. A  sunlit sandy beach, mysterious societies of men who pledge their allegiance to the glorious local gastronomic scene, a surreal land where imagination seems to have taken over reality. A page from history that cannot be erased and remains a divisive force after decades…

2016年06月28日 13:28




凌晨5点,我的眼前飞舞着“滋滋”作响的美味牛扒。两块牛扒跳着华尔兹旋转。北京和洛杉矶的时差15小时,倒时差最头疼的是好不容易睡着了,两个小时后饿醒了!想着晚上要去期待已久的Mastro’s Steakhouse, 品尝“bone-in Ribeye”, 那是堪称完美的境界啊!馋醒了也值得。

2016年06月15日 12:15

问候童年 Time Machine and a Homecoming through Time and Space

I landed on a chair whose smooth texture and tough hardness I once knew so well. Approximately 50 pairs of eyes were starring at me, as I placed my non-recyclable lunch box and chopsticks on the equally familiar-looking desk. 

Time machine? It felt surreal yet so real. So familiar yet so estranged. Even the pair of cheap, un-environmentally-friendly chopsticks have rendered themselves part of a rather distant past, thou......

2016年04月17日 10:55

亲历美国大学法律期刊的成长 Flipping the Page: A Story on Growth

I feel its weight in my hands. Its interesting texture. The unique scent. That feeling of flipping each page with pride and joy — each page that is equally thought-provoking, and each crystalizing memories of all of those precious moments that we have shared collectively, as we carefully pondered over each detail, discussed our thoughts with each other, and made decisions that would define our ever-evolving identity and shape our future…


2016年02月22日 06:53

追教授记 A Wild Professors Chase: On Office Hours

If you were to dive into my iCal or folders, you would be sure to find tons of documents labeled “OH”. It’s not an exclamation, as much as I am always excited about it. Instead, “OH” is my abbreviation for Office H......

2016年02月14日 07:52

全美最奇妙的博物馆? Exploring Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonder: An Education

The Museum of Jurassic Technology (MJT) is an eccentric museum that houses objects from various geographical regions across different time periods — including human horns, a scaled model of Noah’s Ark, and mice on toast. Not only is David Wilson’s cabinet of wonder full of items that spark our curiosity in finding out more details about its individual marvels, it fundamentally challeng......

2015年12月07日 07:06


2015年10月22日傍晚,全美顶尖文理学院波莫纳学院(Pomona College)的2200名学生、教授、校友及家长同时起立,用热烈的掌声迎接美国联邦最高法院 (Supreme Court of the United States) 大法官索尼娅·索托马约女士(Sonia Sotomayor)到访该校。

2015年12月03日 06:30

与美国联邦最高法院大法官面对面 (Part 3): U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Us

Scene Two: The 2,200-People Community

2015年11月24日 04:58

与美国联邦最高法院大法官面对面 (Part 2): U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Us


2015年11月17日 08:30

与美国联邦最高法院大法官面对面 (Part 1): U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Us

SETTING: Our Beloved World

CHARACTERS: All the people in it

2015年10月31日 07:35

《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》(TTIP) 与中国 The TTIP: A Challenge to China’s Hegemony Dream on the Global Stage?

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a proposed trade agreement between the United States and the European Union, has sparked much controversy. Noticeably, instead of focusing on reducing tariffs, the TTIP proposes to align the U.S. and EU’s currently incompatible rules and regulations. Although opposition is voiced most loudly in several EU countries where citizens strongly wish to maintain their high sta......

2015年09月23日 07:49

《名侦探柯南》:日本动漫と中日关系 A Love Affair with Detective Conan

Let’s be frank. I will not deny that I’ve been fervently following the same Japanese anime series for 10 years: “Detective Conan (Case Closed)” has continued to be addictive. Whether it is for a study break during a stressful time of the academic calendar, or a ho......