2016年02月14日 07:52

全美最奇妙的博物馆? Exploring Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonder: An Education

The Museum of Jurassic Technology (MJT) is an eccentric museum that houses objects from various geographical regions across different time periods — including human horns, a scaled model of Noah’s Ark, and mice on toast. Not only is David Wilson’s cabinet of wonder full of items that spark our curiosity in finding out more details about its individual marvels, it fundamentally challeng......

2015年12月07日 07:06


2015年10月22日傍晚,全美顶尖文理学院波莫纳学院(Pomona College)的2200名学生、教授、校友及家长同时起立,用热烈的掌声迎接美国联邦最高法院 (Supreme Court of the United States) 大法官索尼娅·索托马约女士(Sonia Sotomayor)到访该校。

2015年12月03日 06:30

与美国联邦最高法院大法官面对面 (Part 3): U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Us

Scene Two: The 2,200-People Community

2015年11月24日 04:58

与美国联邦最高法院大法官面对面 (Part 2): U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Us


2015年11月17日 08:30

与美国联邦最高法院大法官面对面 (Part 1): U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Us

SETTING: Our Beloved World

CHARACTERS: All the people in it

2015年10月31日 07:35

《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》(TTIP) 与中国 The TTIP: A Challenge to China’s Hegemony Dream on the Global Stage?

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a proposed trade agreement between the United States and the European Union, has sparked much controversy. Noticeably, instead of focusing on reducing tariffs, the TTIP proposes to align the U.S. and EU’s currently incompatible rules and regulations. Although opposition is voiced most loudly in several EU countries where citizens strongly wish to maintain their high sta......

2015年09月23日 07:49

《名侦探柯南》:日本动漫と中日关系 A Love Affair with Detective Conan

Let’s be frank. I will not deny that I’ve been fervently following the same Japanese anime series for 10 years: “Detective Conan (Case Closed)” has continued to be addictive. Whether it is for a study break during a stressful time of the academic calendar, or a ho......

2015年09月22日 09:09

欧洲难民危机:过去、近况与未来 Europe’s Migrant Crisis: The Region’s Past, Present, and Future

Consider the word “crisis” in the modern world. Which would be the first geographical region that comes to your mind when you think about “crisis”? Maybe not Europe? At least, perhaps not until recent months, when the region became plagued with two major crises — the financial one caused by our Greek friends, and the current......

2015年08月27日 10:23

东亚人口老龄化 Ageing Population in East Asia

1:6. What does this ratio mean to you, personally?

Perhaps nothing in particular. Maybe the faculty-student ratio at a liberal arts college as featured in our fancy brochures? For many Chinese youth, this ratio represents the amount of individuals they will support in retirement (two parents and four grandparent......

2015年04月28日 04:41

英国与欧盟: “Brexit”? UK and EU: “Brexit” or No?

A “Grexit" (Greek exit from the European Union), it seems, has been one of the trending topics for so long. With the general elections coming up in just over a week in the United Kingdom, it might be worth investigating another crucial question to the fate of the EU: What about a “Brexit” (British exit)? 

Prime Minister David Cameron, who leads......

2015年04月26日 13:28

落选是一种教育 And I Ran for Senate

When the sky is rinsed in that cathartic, faint blue hue; when the soothing pools of raindrops cleanse the dryness of this land; when the only sounds that echo around our ears are the gentle “drips drops” that flow and grow over time…

That shall be when, perhaps, those words will come back to me. I shall gather the faded memories from an earlier chapter......

2015年04月21日 12:53

欧洲与亚投行(AIIB) European Engagement in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

At its core, the European Union (EU) is a multilateral establishment rooted in members’ common interests and consent. For this reason, Europeans oftentimes identify with ideas that correspond with their ideals, as exemplified by four key European allies’ (the U.K., Germany, France, and Italy) agreement to join the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), an instance in which the People’s Republic of China continues buildi......

2015年04月19日 07:36

Why do I blog?

Time flies. It’s been almost seven years since I started my very first blog. It was rather a childish endeavor, a pastime which I hoped would capture fleeting moments that I might forget about otherwise (even the younger me recognised my nostalgic nature). Thanks to the Spring Break, I had some time to reflect on the fundamental motives and incentives behind my blogging activities.

2015年03月12日 09:50

希腊激进左翼联盟Syriza:游客会成为间谍吗? Greek Left: Syriza and Its Relationship with Tourism

Greece, the birthplace of democracy, has always been known for its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking natural beauty, and delicious gastronomy. For centuries, invading armies of tourists have trekked to Greece to enjoy its unique attributes. In fact, the Greek tourism industry accounts for nearly 17% of the country’s GDP. Since the Greek leftist par......

2015年03月11日 12:39

当我成为异乡人 Race in the USA

America talks too much about race. America also talks too little about race. This is a line from award-winning Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s latest novel Americanah that echoes in my head. I read Adichie’s book last summer, since it was the my college summer reading assignment. As I read, I jolted down some questions, which I hoped to ask the author (who was to give a talk at our college a couple of months later) in person.

2015年03月08日 04:37

名字与身份 Xiaoyi, or April?

“ZZzz…z-i-ao Yeee?” 

“Here. Please call me April.”

And here we go again. Admittedly, my given name is difficult for Westerners to pronounce. While most Chinese names are badly p......

2015年01月31日 06:31

两个家 Home Away from Home

Slowly, the dark sky is gently rinsed by hints of blue. Dark blue, light blue, lighter… And gold wash. So emerges the silhouettes of pink coloured clouds, rejoicing at the dawn of a new day.

One of my very first blog entries after I started college was on nostalgia. It was an overwhelming emotion that accompanied that first-year curiosity in everything around me in......

2015年01月05日 15:58

角色的转换 From Secondary School to University: Story of a Transition

Before we explore what transitioning from secondary school to university is like, let me briefly present myself to you through this virtual platform. Some interesting (okay, perhaps weird too) facades of my personality:

I tell my friends the books that I recently borrowed / bought to read outside of class, somehow hoping that they would ask follow-up questions about the specific content of the books. This could motivate me to read w......
2014年12月25日 08:27

Audrey Hepburn’s Transitions and Transformations as an Icon (New version)

The little black dress. The simple turtleneck. The elegant ballet flats… Audrey Hepburn’s iconic image has long been associated with timeless grace, simplicity and style. At the start of Hepburn’s career, however, she was far from being perceived as a “classic beauty” by Hollywood’s aesthetic standards (Studlar 203) and was instead regarded a “counter-model” to the popular “voluptuous, hyper-sexualized femininity&rdquo......

2014年12月22日 11:47