2014年12月06日 11:35

香港的真实身份 A Little Rambling on Hong Kong

“Mind The Gap, Please.”

2014年12月02日 08:12

奥黛丽·赫本永恒的魅力:Transformations in Audrey Hepburn’s Iconic Image and Beyond

Transformations in Audrey Hepburn’s Iconic Image and Beyond

The little black dress. The simple turtleneck. The elegant ballet flats… Audrey Hepburn was, and still remains, an all-time classic who transformed Hollywood’s sense of fashion and style. As a young woman who grew up suffering m......

2014年11月12日 14:40

美国大学生活:自由? Freedom isn’t free: it comes with a price

College embodies freedom: the liberty in course selection and scheduling events outside the classroom for ourselves, and adventures in a new geographical region with fascinating new friends. 

This freedom that college offers also comes with a price. After all, nothing is entirely free. Even Daylight Saving Time (a brand new concept for me), which gives the illusion that we get a free extra hour, demands that we must eve......

2014年11月07日 15:44

贝隆夫人:阿根廷权利女性的品牌与“软权力” Eva Perón: Femininity and The Interconnectedness between Branding and Soft Power

Almost a century ago, a dark and skinny girl of illegitimate birth dreamed about becoming an actress in her country’s capital, Buenos Aires. Her name was María Eva Duarte (later “Eva Perón”). Not only did Eva Perón realize this childhood dream by achieving nationwide fame as a successful actress in her early youth, she also dramatically turned into a major player on the world’s stage as the First Lady of Argentina. As Eva Perón rose from her humble origins to become “one of the most powerfu......

2014年10月25日 13:01

当英融于美 Americanizing My British Accent: An Identity Crisis

当英融于美 Americanizing My British Accent: An Identity Crisis
"You actually say 'maths' instead of 'math'?"

Colour. *Color.

"So... I hope you don't mind if I ask you a personal question. Did you live in the U.K. earlier? No? Australia? No? Then where does the British accent come ......

2014年09月24日 01:18



《乐成》 :你是何时来到国际学校就读的?与之前的国内学校相比,你觉得都有哪些不同?</......

2014年09月13日 12:08

一件T恤衫带来的友情 The Greek T-Shirt and Mutual Nostalgia

Of all the items in my walk-in closet, my favourite is a plain DIY T-Shirt from Greece. It has Plato’s quote, ‘Thinking: the Talking of the Soul with Itself.’ and my name in Greek.

I wore it to our Orientation Adventure at Sequoia National Park, a four-day hiking-and-camping trip that marked the start of real college life: as my parents returned to China......

2014年09月10日 16:18

重建通天塔 Reconstructing the Tower of Babel with language

2014年09月08日 02:42

大学申请Q&A: Session One



1. 除了成绩EC什么才能让一个candidate脱颖而出呢?比如是不是EC能体现一条主线比较好?就是能和你填在commonapp上的intended major联系起来?

2014年07月21日 19:07

“根与芽”告别演讲 Roots & Shoots Farewell Address


It has been three years since the birth of Roots & Shoots at our school. We have conquered the originally rock-filled soil next to the football patch, planted the seeds, fostered them, and spr......

2014年07月11日 08:44

初学西班牙语的两年 Spanish: Challenge Accepted!

Gender agreements. Subjunctive tense. Imperatives. Conjugations. Words that look easy but turn out to be weird - Lo, Se, Te, Os…

They are all staring at me. Voiceless, yet resolute.

If that’s the atti......

2014年07月01日 11:37

成长 IA Comes Before IB!

成长 IA Comes Before IB!

So adorable is the nature, and so challenging was the journey. It was full of obstacles, challenges and fun. Within the short twenty-eight hours, an awareness of environmental impacts, friendship, leadership and team-working and surviving skills were greatly improved.

2014年06月19日 09:42

希腊! 20 Things That I Will Always Remember About Greece

希腊! 20 Things That I Will Always Remember About Greece


—A list from the trip to Greece

Thanks to the fond memories of the beautiful country that continue to excite me &......

2014年06月15日 15:45

古希腊的剧院 Epidaurus Theatre

古希腊的剧院 Epidaurus Theatre

The empty stage. The masks. The Chorus… Imagine an audience of 13,000 here at the Ancient Theatre of Επιδαύριος thousands of years ago! 

Just as I was attempting to recall some lines from our high school theatre productions “A Midsumm......

2014年05月19日 08:15

永恒的话题 On the Eternality of Truth

‘To what extent is truth eternal?’ is a knowledge issue that could be supported by evidence and simultaneously discarded by counterclaims. Although ‘That which is accepted as knowledge today is sometimes discarded tomorrow’ is true to a certain extent, a multitude of examples from different areas of knowledge, including the Natural Sciences, the Human Sciences (as exemplifie......

2014年05月06日 10:31

舞动的青春 The Fleeting Moments VS. Vivacity

On the Fleeting Moments and Vivacity

Why wait? Creative inspiration flees, as does youth. As does life. Love. Blossoming emotions. Flowery language. Petals. Vivacity from the nature… 

2014年04月29日 08:58

非盈利性慈善机构募捐攻略 How Could an International NPO’s China Branch Attract More Individual Donors From the Chinese Working Age Segment?

How could an international NPO’s China branch attract more individual donors from the Chinese working age segment? 


2014年04月24日 11:23

大学申请文书经验分享 Personal Statement Writing 101

For me at the moment, the IB exams are fast approaching. Meanwhile, I realise that the new application season has already started. I have recently been asked to write a recommendation letter, in addition to proofreading and editing personal statements. Having gone through the college / university application cycle and been admitted by my first choice school, I would like to sum up a few tips. They are relevant to different types of applications - for secondary schools and higher education institutions in the US, the UK, as well a......

2014年04月22日 09:31

简·奥斯丁的博弈论 Jane Austen as a Game Theorist

Jane Austen as a Game Theorist: Reconsidering Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen’s characters may first conjure up images of joyous young ladies and gentlemen in a countra-dance ballroom. Whilst this was my original impression shaped by fictions including Pride and Prejudice, I soon became further intrigued by the potential for interdisciplin......

2014年04月18日 13:22

地图与市场学 Maps as Metaphors

Position maps of Marketing, also known as gap maps or perception maps, and the idea of positioning in general, could be regarded as metaphors in several ways. 

First of all, whichever approach is used to create maps may cannot be 100% accu......