2014年03月25日 08:13

爬藤者的暑期规划 Planning for Your High School Summers

Pounding with exhilaration was her heart, as she rushed to the platform to the Eden of her mind. With ample confidence did she step into the ancient campus, which incessantly guided her in her midsummer night’s dreams… Step, step, step. Steady and sophisticated did she greet her host. 

Blossoming petals, bushy pletho......

2014年03月11日 18:01

此岸, 彼岸…… (Seniors Year: ‘Congratulations’ and Beyond)

‘Congratulations. The answer is yes!’


(Screams, Laughters, and Joyful Tears…)

2014年03月07日 20:46

95后的高中生:我的骆家辉印象 Gary Locke as Seen through the Eyes of a High School Student




2014年03月04日 16:19

国际教育体制的酸甜苦辣 IB: A Festive Feast

‘Hi! I’m also in the acronym festival known as the IB, haha.’ A new Facebook message popped up.

‘So, what is the IB like?’ So did another. 

2014年02月27日 09:56

古希腊悲剧中的杀子之母:美狄亚 Medea as a Tragic Heroine?!

The role of children in plot development of Euripides’ ‘Medea’ to characterise Medea as an unconventional Ancient Greek tragic heroine 

Tragic heroes in Ancient Greek theatre are usually respected individuals whose flaws (hamartia) lead their downfall and death. In Euripides’ ‘Medea’,......

2014年02月24日 20:22

漫谈咖啡:阳光依旧 (The Sun Also Rises)

—The Role of Coffee in Our Daily Lives Reconsidered

The sun rises. The sky is blue. The breakfast table is set up. The sunlight is now creeping through your window while you are still lying in the warm winter bed. But your normal exclamation at this point, ‘Perfect’, is absent. Why is that so? You sit down on a cozy chair, but remain utte......

2014年02月20日 12:30

超大城市的问题如何解决? On MegaCities

Bustee versus favela. This contrast between non-MEDCs’ poorest residents appears insignificant, for over-populated mega-cities have several aspects that are in common. However, Newly Industrialized Countries (NICs) such as Brazil have a completely different story from typical Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs) such as India. No matter how different these nations actually are,......

2014年02月17日 19:51

历史的沧桑:战争纪念碑带来的烦恼 Why do war memorials cause controversy?

War memorials and museums cause controversy probably because of four reasons: 1) the facts presented are not universally accepted, 2) emotions manipulated are considered inappropriate for certain audience, 3) current events influence visitors’ opinions, and 4) the purpose of the memorial is not always clear.

One way that war memo......

2014年01月27日 12:34

罗伯特·肯尼迪刺杀案件引发的疑问.. How truthful is the account of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy on Wikipedia?

Shortly after midnight on June 5, 1968, United States Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Having won a major victory in California, Kennedy addressed his supporters in the hotel ballroom shortly past midnight. As he walked passed a kitchen passageway as a shortcut to reach a press conference room, he was shot and sent to hospital. He died nearly 26 hours after the shooting. 24-year-old Jordanian citizen with a Palestinian background, Sirhan Sirhan, was convicted of assassinating Kenne......

2014年01月21日 08:28

短篇小说《书香·牛津》 ‘Reflections of a Female Bibliophile’

Reflections of a Female Bibliophile

15 July, 2011

2014年01月17日 14:00


By April Xiaoyi Xu © 2014

High above us rests the night sky - tranquil, subtle, and inscrutable. Powerfully, the scene arouses wonder and awe, which invoke a sense of morality and religion in me. Coincidental? Destined? Whether the high power resides there, I do not know. Neither does this bottle of wi......

2014年01月15日 18:18

饮水思源 The Dragon’s Den

As someone who confesses to be an international citizen, I cannot help but reflect on my origins while also meditating on certain features of culture and its related issues.

Often metaphorized as a dragon, China has providing me with food and shelter for the past 17 years. The fact that the country is a rising dragon that has woken up from a humiliated slumber might be perceived as relev......

2013年12月31日 19:37

哈佛法学院经典案例:骇人听闻的洞穴吃人案! The Speluncean Explorers Hypothetical

    When men return to the naturalistic state of living, free from all human interventions and social standards, certain laws shall cease to apply. In particular, situations should challenge the flexibilities of rigid regulations, for human ingenuity may not anticipate all possible outcomes outside of human societies. The case of the Speluncean explorers epitomises survival situations that take place in the state of nature. This case challenges the coverage of legal concerns, and demands the reconsideration of the Court in judging the defendants. Due to the substantial differen......
2013年12月26日 08:29


How does costuming of the three Weird Sisters in Macbeth on the Shakespearean stage correspond to the identities of the stereotyped witches in Elizabethan England?

The three Weird Sisters, as supernatural witches in Shakespeare’s tragedy ‘Macbeth’ were stereotyped as......

2013年12月19日 17:38


Cheers for Appetite

Learn to travel, travel to learn. Growing up, the increasing appetite for knowledge and progress as a learner is truly empowering. 


2013年12月16日 11:02

编织记忆 Memory: The Seamstress

----The Role of Memory in Freud and Woolf’s Work

Sigmund Freud and Virginia Woolf, although distinct thinkers of two Areas of Knowledge (the Human Sciences and Literature), both use memory in their work. 

2013年11月27日 20:44

黄石公园历险记 Erupting…

Here are several words that were associated with our varied reactions upon our arrival back in Beijing: exhilaration, fear, anticipation, satisfaction, excitement. No matter how discordant our distinct voices are towards this unforgettable trip, we do agree on one adjective, ‘erupting’.

This is a rather specif......

2013年11月22日 14:03

教育乌托邦 Edutopia

"Utopia", literally "no place" in Ancient Greek, commonly suggests a perfect zenith. Generations of risk-takers and thinkers, intrigued by the hardship in achieving perfection, have attempted to establish their own utopias with countless philosophical ideas. As idealistic as I may be as a high school student who is inspired by them, I have secretly accepted a daring mission of creating (okay, I mean, "imagining") an education utopia, also known as "Edutopia". ......

2013年11月06日 09:36

星巴克的全球地方化: To What Extent Should Starbucks Glocalise its Products in China?

*Note: The following article is part of my IB Extended Essay. 


The question under investigation in this paper is......

2013年11月03日 10:10


Interview with Chair of Ivy League Admissions Committee

As a graduate of Wesleyan University and Harvard Business School, Mr. Karl Furstenberg has worked in selective university admissions for 30 years. Mr. Furstenberg has served as Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at Wesleyan University and Dartmouth College, and was also Chair of the Ivy League Admissions Commit......